Spectacular Sunset In DC

This weekend there was one of the best sunsets I have  ever seen here in DC. Allow me to share with you what I saw. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below! Thanks for following and please enjoy!


Vibrant City Lights

Living in the city sure does have its perks. When it comes to photography there is a huge variety of what style of photographs you wish to take in a busy city. Many opportunities will arise such as capturing the last moments of the sunset behind the skyline,  using the lighting and colors from buildings, cars and street lights which creates that energetic feel or simply admire the vast variety of architectural  designs.






Hope you enjoy these few shots from Tysons Corner, VA and thanks for following!!.


Every sunrise is unique giving the start of  new day filled with opportunities.


Captured with 18-55 mm Macro Lens f/3.6

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